What d'ya want?

zondag 12 augustus 2012



yes i do realise that probably no one is reading this,
i just keep talking because you can't stop me no no no

today i went cycling with mum and dad and we took lots of photos :)

how dutch

fierce haaahaha.

that was pretty uncomfortable yes

and these were my fans who were watching the photoshoot :-)

now me and my family are going to have a bbq, hurrah!


vrijdag 10 augustus 2012


about two weeks ago i left shitty holland to spend a week in england with two of my lovely friends.
i won't tell you all about it cause i don't think you'd really appreciate that, but i'll post some pictures
in several posts and tell you a few things i guess :)

it took us about 22 fucking hours to get from our houses to brighton. i'm sure there's some way that would've been quicker, but hey we had fun anyway.

this was an awesome part of a german station. the part where german people were asking us things in german was not great :-)

this was the view from the plane. ah, isn't england gorgeous?
(yes good old ryanair. we're students okay)

then we took a bus from stansted through london and then on to brighton. it took a few hours but then we finally arrived, awesomeee.

i think this was the first evening. we just sat at the beach and enjoyed the weather. just as we arrived, the weather decided to start a fucking heatwave. that was very nice.

pebble beach. ouch.

our hostel was kind of shitty, but hey. at least we had a place to sleep!

i will bore you with some more photos and stories tommorow :)


donderdag 9 augustus 2012

I now have a blog


several people asked me if i had a blog and i thought, hey,
why not start a blog? that'd be fun. so here it is and i have no
idea how this website works and all, which really helps a lot.

so please don't laugh if it looks ridiculous, i am still trying to
figure things out and make it look better and stuff.

first thing i'll do now is write an 'about me' so you can get to know
me for a bit and stalk me, because that's of course the reason that you
are here. busted.