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i think it'd be nice if i told you some things about myself on this page, so you can decide whether you want to follow me or leave this page very quickly and don't ever come back.

i am nienke, as you may have guessed, i'm 19 years old and that's no lie. people often think i'm 15 but i can't help that i seem to be having an eternal youth. 19 it is.

my home used to be in a tiny tiny village somewhere in the north east of the netherlands, but as i became a student at uni last year i now have two homes. my student room is in a big city, bitches love living in a city.

i have no idea what this blog will be about, i can't promise anything.
it will probably consist of inspiration from tha interwebz, photos of outfits i was wearing, party picz and things that make me laugh. which is almost anything.

this about me thing is already getting too long. you can stop reading now of course. but you'd miss out on a lot of things. don't say i didn't warn you!

maybe you were wondering about the title of this blog. i can explain.
a few years ago, my love for england suddenly started to exist. i don't even know why. the current situation is that i have a massive england-addiction. i love that country and (almost) everything about it. the correct term would be anglophile, but since that is a very ugly word, i keep using britophile.
i've been to london twice and i've also visited brighton and oxford. that was quite amazing, i have to admit. you'll read more about my strange addiction in some of my posts. the title of the blog is the name of one of the best albums ever, by my hero, frank turner.

some other things i really like are photography, fashion (so very much!),
rock music and being on my own. also, hanging with friends. depends on the mood.

only thing left to mention is my taste in music. it's ehm.. broad. i'll just list the names and spare you the extensive explanations of why i love each band.

bombay bicycle club, james blake, hungry kids of hungary, muse, two door cinema club, the used, my chemical romance, tribes, die antwoord, dog is dead, born ruffians, frank turner, siriusmo, the wombats, panic! at the disco, arctic monkeys, the last shadow puppets, king charles, newton faulkner, skrillex, foo fighters, crystal castles, asking alexandria, vampire weekend, open the skies, lady gaga, madina lake, we came as romans, nirvana, will and the people, go back to the zoo, 30 seconds to mars, wolfmother, mumford and sons, linkin park
i think that's enough for now :L

oh and i don't use capital letters, they are ugly. sorry capitals.

if you have read all of this, you are one of my new heroes.

hey that's me
in lovely oxford


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